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Vinyasa classes are a strong moving flow that cultivate balance, stability, flexibility, and vigor. Breath awareness and coordination are carried throughout the practice as the asana ebbs and flows between effort and ease.

Intensity levels & personal style varies by each unique teacher.

Mellow Flow

Mellow Flow classes are a slower, simpler flow designed to open your body, release tension, and explore movement throughout your whole system. This class incorporates breathwork, focus, and flexibility to create a balance between a calm mind and a mobile body.

The Set

The Set is built on the Awakening Yoga Solar Vinyasa Practice, an organized and moving sequence the builds strength, coordination, and measured ability across a balanced array of postures. This class is designed to take the guesswork and decision fatigue out of your day, leaving you free to clear your mind, focus on your practice, and drop into the moment.

Yin Yoga

Yin classes are quiet, meditative practices with long, deep posture holds. This class uses mindful relaxation within each posture to target the body’s connective tissue and promote the mobilization of fascia. This practice can be tailored to each unique practitioner with the use of props, modified shapes, and mindfulness.


Handstands is a weekly class tailored to the students and centered around incorporating Inversions into the asana practice. This class will include skills and drills, flowing sequences, and exercises students can incorporate into their everyday practices. A previous handstand practice is not required to attend this class, this is where we build the tools and expand our baselines. 

Workshops & Special Events


Awakening Yoga

Awakening Yoga is a progressive yoga system rooted in Hatha vinyasa with an emphasis on ritual & self inquiry. We pay homage to the traditional nature of the yoga practice with a practical and functional approach to asana for today's bodies and minds. This practice encourages personal exploration, possibility, and freedom of movement from both the teacher and student.


Awakening Yoga is comprised of 4 foundational pillars. The marriage of these unique facets provides accessibility & diversity for students of all experience levels.


The focus of this practice is turning repetition into ritual in order to create a deeper focus in the present moment. With foundations in modern vinyasa yoga we expand on what is possible by exploring each asana with a deeper level of awareness to find joy in the opportunity to practice.


This practice is founded on the belief that we are all designed to move. That movement exists in every plane, and thus so must we. Utilizing an array of principles from asana, movement, somatics, and functional mobility we focus on joint mobility, spacial awareness, and range of motion exploration.


Self care, we all need a little bit more of it. If we are to be compassionate people we must also have some for ourselves. These slow practices will help nurture your body to recover from the stresses of daily life.


Learning to breath through challenging situations is a skill we can all benefit from. These classes will push you to your physical limit with challenging sequences of functional movement that help you break through barriers you never thought possible.

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