What is it?

Awakening Yoga is a Hatha Vinyasa practice system designed for the modern practitioner. With an emphasis on functional movement, mobility and unique transitions balanced by consistent breathing patterns, our goal is to turn the repetition of a daily practice into a ritualistic experience.

Each sequence was created by working with students from all over the world to build a practice that fits the needs and capacity of the contemporary practitioner's body.

Our goal is to create space for exploration that will lead to a happier, healthier, more embodied life for all of our students.

With over 1,500 trained teachers all over the world, our method is tried and true for over a decade, guiding students to find more peace and presence in their lives.

Become An Awakening Yoga Teacher

Want to add Awakening Yoga to your teaching repertoire? If you are interested in becoming a yoga instructor, we offer a wide range of teacher training programs designed to fit your needs. We have 200-Hour, 300-Hour and continuing education modules to deepen your knowledge of the yoga practice. Our programs are very accessible, with both in-person and online offerings to fit your needs.
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Explore Our Awakening Yoga Practices

Elevate Your Well-being

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    Full Solar Practice

    An invigorating Vinyasa practice designed to light the fire within. Move through 13 unique series of poses to improve strength, flexibility, balance and overall well-being. This practice will bring a new level of awareness and capacity to the ritual of your yoga practice.

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    Lunar & Mobility

    Move with a fluid water-like quality through your body to improve flexibility and overall movement quality. These practices can bridge the gap between our intentions and actions to foster peace in your being.

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    Rest & Restore

    Lean into the softer side of the practice with steady, long, slow, deep movements and held poses to bring a sense of calm into your being.

Evoke Your True Potential

Foster Vitality, Clarity and Purpose

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    Immerse yourself in a practice that will align your intentions and actions in personal ritual to deepen your yoga journey.

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    Move into the present moment with purpose as you explore unique practices that will lead you through a path of self-inquiry and personal development.

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    Feel inspired to live a healthy life of purpose and well-being that will bring a peaceful balance into your being.