Solar Vinyasa

A vigorous vinyasa style yoga practice. We strive to create connection between the ritualistic tradition of asana practices with fresh and modern perspectives on body mechanics leaving you feeling stronger, more expansive, and centered after each class.

Intensity levels & personal style varies by each unique teacher.

Lunar Mobility Flow

A fluid yoga practice that seamlessly combines postures designed to help you increase flexibility and range of motion. This practice emphasizes mobility work, requires minimal time weight bearing on the arms and takes an active approach to creating more space in the body and breath.

This is not your average vinyasa yoga class and explores concepts of both yoga and movement to create healthier, more able bodied movers.



A skills and drills style yoga practice with a heavy focus on building the tools to go upside down with comfort and ease. This class will teach you how to integrate inversions into regular yoga classes.

You do not need to be able to currently handstand to join. No really, drop your inhibitions at the door and be ready for a fun & challenging exploration into the handstand practice. Only a willingness to participate is required!

Stretch & Recover

Slowing down the body to steady the mind and spirit are the keys to this practice. We will use props and supported shapes to create an easeful, relaxing environment. Some supported postures will be held for a longer period of time to encourage a natural mental and physical softening.

Classes may include Restorative, Myofascial release techniques, Yin, or Yoga Nidra practices.


Suitable for all levels or those new to yoga to learn or deepen the foundations of the practice.
This class will build the practice from the ground up and give you the tools to attend other group yoga classes with confidence.